We are committed to the long-term recovery of adults struggling with substance use disorder. That means a transition back to their normal routine of family, friends, work, and leisure, while steering clear of substances that have negatively impacted their lives.

In our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults age 30+, a small group of age peers guided by an experienced clinician work on recovery together. Participants who truly understand the many pressures and demands of adult life support one another and hold each other accountable.

individuals learn how to identify their triggers so that they can cope with the inevitable challenges during early recovery. That is only the first in a series of therapeutic interventions that prepare clients to overcome the barriers they will face on the path to long-term recovery.

The multifaceted ETHOS approach to treatment is highly individualized and relapse resistant. The clinician and adult peers provide the consistent support individuals need to find their authentic selves, free from substance use disorder.

Our Adult Program Includes:

• Comprehensive evaluation
• Individual, family, and small group therapy
• Emotional skills building
• Healthy coping mechanisms
• Relapse prevention
• Trauma-informed care
• Licensed, experienced therapists

Program Format Options

  • Daytime Adult IOP in Hybrid Format: This program can be attended in-person or remotely via telehealth and participants may switch formats at any time for maximum flexibility and convenience.
  • Evening Adult IOP via Telehealth: An alternative to our in-person program, this IOP has the same clinically driven structure while eliminating travel. People who struggle with traditional group settings often discover the benefits of a group experience via telehealth.
  • Daytime Gender-Specific Groups: Men and women experience substance use disorder differently. Gender-specific treatment is sensitive to these differences. By offering separate groups for men and women, ETHOS provides a safe space to talk about relationship issues, relational repair work and family dynamics. Currently these groups are offered at our West Chester location.