Family Program

Research suggests that family therapy is the single largest indicator for positive outcomes in the treatment of substance use disorders.

The ETHOS Family Program is an eight-week series of crafted programming through which families receive a comprehensive evaluation of the long-term issues and patterns within their unique family dynamic. Families collaboratively set goals to assist in family healing.

Our Family Program is open to all families, not just the families of people who are participating in an ETHOS Intensive Outpatient Program.


Sample Family Program Topics

• How Did We Get Here?
• Behavior and Environment
• Addiction and Enabling
• Recovering Integrity
• Recovering My Life
• Addiction as Feedback Resistant
• Parallel Recovery
• Healthy Communication

Our Family Program Includes:

  • Psycho-educational groups weekly
  • Individualized family consultation
  • Coordination and collaboration of additional family supports
  • Groups focused on emotional skills building
  • Education and insights into healthy coping mechanism
  • Licensed, experienced therapists