What Our Programs Involve

Our unique Intensive Outpatient Programs include individual counseling, small group therapy and family therapy.

Why intensive?

A mental health or substance use issue is omnipresent in daily life. Treatment three or four times a week ensures you get timely assistance in overcoming obstacles and benefit from needed structure, stability, consistency and accountability. The goal is to interrupt a self-destructive routine with a healthy routine, thereby breaking the cycle of a mental health or substance use issue.

Why outpatient?

Like you, our clients have obligations to school or work and relationships to repair or sustain. Providing therapy on an outpatient basis enables you to meet the demands of normal life and apply the skills you are learning to real world settings.

Why small group?

You will be placed in a small group curated to include people in your age bracket
who are facing similar issues. Group members connect on multiple levels and build community. This breaks down isolation and makes everyone feel supported. Groups available at most locations include:

  • Adolescents
  • Young Adults
  • Adults

Why Involve family?

Nearly all clients participate in one family therapy session per week so that a clinician can engage family members in your healing process and support the family in repairing damaged relationships. ETHOS also offers family therapy to those who do not have a member already in our care.

The ETHOS combination of individual counseling, small group and family therapy in an Intensive Outpatient Program maximizes the potential for long-term, sustainable recovery.