We are committed to the sustainable, wholesome mental health of adults struggling with depression, anxiety, other mood disorders or psychiatric issues. Key goals are stronger coping skills, improved emotional regulation, and the development of practical life skills that together enable a return to healthy day-to-day functioning.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a supportive framework and accountability through small peer group meetings four times weekly, along with individual and family sessions when necessary, to help break the cycle of self-destructive behavior and negative self-talk.

We cater to adults who require more intensive therapy than one-on-one treatment can provide as well as those stepping down from full or partial residential care. After a thorough assessment, we customize a plan for the individual.

Core programming is based in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Depending on the individual’s clinical needs, we may provide trauma-focused care, a Gestalt certified therapist, psychiatric treatment and/or medication evaluation.


Psychiatric Treatment and Medication

When a need is indicated by our comprehensive assessment, a staff psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner conducts a psychiatric evaluation. If it is determined that medication would be beneficial, the full ETHOS clinical team works together to manage the medication.