Eating Disorder

LOCATION: West Chester; hybrid Telehealth options available
DAY/TIME: Daytime Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Adults navigating the complexities of unhealthy eating habits need compassionate support that is interdisciplinary and comprehensive as they journey toward a healthier relationship with food.

That’s why participants in our Eating Disorder program benefit from a team of professionals dedicated to their holistic well-being. Leader Casey Carle, LCSW, brings extensive experience addressing eating disorders along with mental health and substance abuse concerns. A registered dietitian provides personalized nutrition guidance. A nurse practitioner provides psychiatric support to address the importance of mental health in the recovery process.

The program empowers individuals to cultivate a healthy relationship with themselves, their food choices, their bodies, and their body image. With a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach, our program adheres to the idea that health is not solely determined by one’s weight or size.

The group provides a safe and inclusive space for sharing experiences and supporting one another. Through facilitated discussions and therapeutic interventions, participants explore nutrition education, emotional regulation, identification and modification of unhealthy thinking patterns, mindfulness practices, distress tolerance, and the development of relapse prevention plans.

Individuals who are also in recovery from substance abuse are welcome in the Eating Disorder program, as we recognize the interconnectedness of these challenges.