Brief Addiction Monitor-Revised

This is a standard set of questions about several areas of your life such as your health, alcohol and drug use, etc. The questions generally ask about the past 30 days. Please consider each question and answer as accurately as possible.

Substance Screening
Method of Administration:
1. In the past 30 days, how would you say your physical health has been?

7. In the past 30 days, how many days did you use any of the following drugs:

8. In the past 30 days, how much were you bothered by cravings or urges to drink alcohol or use drugs?
9. How confident are you that you will NOT use alcohol and drugs in the next 30 days?
12. Does your religion or spirituality help support your recovery?
15. In the past 30 days, how much have you been bothered by arguments or problems getting along with any family members or friends?
17. How satisfied are you with your progress toward achieving your recovery goals?