Heather Gregan, LPC


Heather, with over 20 years of experience in the mental health and addictions field, has contributed her expertise across various levels of care, specializing in both adolescent and adult populations.
Her extensive graduate studies focused on experiential and Emotion-focused therapies, and she has augmented her clinical toolkit with modalities such as Hypnosis, EMDR, and CPT Models of Trauma Healing. Passionate about helping clients find their adaptive voice and transform core emotions and beliefs, Heather guides them toward living a more vibrant life, even amid challenging emotions and chemistry.

Despite exposure to various modalities, Heather understands firsthand the challenges of personal healing. Navigating her own transformations while being a professional in the field has given her a unique perspective. Acknowledging that strategies may sometimes fall short, she upholds her clients, holding space for their pain and frustration. Taking a strengths-based approach, Heather empowers clients to access tools, strategies, and social-emotional support, helping them build a network of clinical professionals to work towards their goals.