Dan Appel, MAMS


Dan Appel is a mental health professional driven by a passion for exploring the middle path between cognitive science and contemplative insight. His approach is deeply attuned to the complexities of trauma and embraces a flexible interpretation of the human condition. Employing a psychodynamic treatment approach, he seamlessly integrates modalities focused on brain and nervous system regulation with an existential and social model of human existence.

Dan earned a BA in Psychology from Temple University with a concentration in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, where he served as a research assistant in the Developmental Science lab. Following his undergraduate studies, Dan pursued a Masters in Applied Meditation Studies at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. Additionally, he obtained two associate degrees in Health & Human Services and Social Sciences, along with a certificate in addiction counseling.

Throughout his career, Dan has contributed extensively to mental health and substance use treatment, alongside therapeutic mindfulness meditation education and program design for adults, children, and adolescents. He is an avid lover of music, arts, animals, the outdoors, and travel. Dan remains dedicated to providing diverse, psychodynamic mental health treatment while fostering positive, nurturing therapeutic environments for all clients.