Two Years Later: The Case for Continuing (Some) Telehealth

by A. Michael Blanche, MSS | LCSW

Two years ago this week, the U.S. went into lockdown and ETHOS quickly pivoted to telehealth services. Since then we’ve had groups return to in-person, revert to telehealth during surges, and go back in-person again. "Hybrid" groups, offering the choice to join in-person or via telehealth, have also been put in place. While we're ecstatic to get back in-person, there are clinical advantages offered via telehealth worth maintaining. Telehealth reduces or eliminates many barriers clients experience to meet with our therapists and connect in a group experience: logistical issues with transportation or childcare, physical limitations due to disability or illness, or ongoing concern of exposure to COVID and other ailments for example. Our mission at ETHOS has always been to provide optimum intensive therapeutic interventions to overcome the barriers that individuals face to achieve long-term recovery from Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders. To that point, in addition to in-person IOP and GOP services, ETHOS is continuing to offer the following telehealth services in perpetuity. Adult Substance Use Disorder IOP - ETHOS will maintain two fully virtual telehealth groups, one daytime and one evening, for clients seeking SUD IOP. These groups will be run by Troy Jackson, MSS & LSW, and Sheila Bellwoar, MGPGP, LPC. Adult Mental Health IOP - All Mental Health tracks will have hybrid offerings, allowing clients to participate in person or via telehealth. Adolescent IOP - Both our Adolescent Substance Use and Mental Health programs will continue to operate in a hybrid format. Telehealth will be offered to meet clients where they are with the intention for adolescents and their families to attend in person when they are ready.

Individual and Family Sessions - Full telehealth is available for situations where attending in person is not a viable option. If you have any questions about our offerings, our technology, or anything else please don't hesitate to contact me directly. As always I appreciate your feedback, and look forward to seeing many of you again very soon. Be Well, Mike