Collaboration of Care = Excellent Care

Part of our commitment to ethical, transparent, and excellent care lies in our collaboration of care with all of the professionals in our clients' lives. For clients enrolled in our Substance Use Disorder

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) groups, our team of clinicians encourage the transparency of shared information with all of the professionals in a person’s support system. Addiction is a biological, psychological, and social (biopsychosocial) disease; thus treating all avenues collaboratively results in a truly holistic approach to treatment. Sharing information with Primary Care Physicians (PCP), psychiatric professionals, and other clinicians in a client’s life provides a well-rounded, informative approach to our client’s well-being. Working together with transparency of treatment goals, medication compliance, and various health factors can be essential in building lasting recovery.

While the mindset and desire here sound simplistic, the execution can hit many roadblocks. Many of our clients have built tremendous walls of shame in their active addiction; a lifetime of not letting people deeply into their lives does not disappear simply because a therapist suggests a teamwork approach to recovery. Building trust with a client to open the avenue of communication with care providers is a process that often takes time as clients slowly open their hearts to such a vulnerable idea—and then face the discomfort of putting that into practice. With a logical brain we know the benefits of collaboration of care—but addiction has robbed us temporarily of the idea of simply shrugging our shoulders and saying “this makes sense so we need to do this.” Trust is everything in all levels of our work with clients. Taking the next steps in helping to ensure mental health, physical health, and support networks are all working together only happens when a client trusts their entire team. For addicted persons, that trust takes time. For our clinicians, building that trust takes patience and expertise.

The addiction treatment world is changing as rapidly as these words are being typed, thankfully. The need for “all hands on deck” with our clients is greater than ever before as we simply cannot afford to continue to let addiction fracture families, cause such incredible pain, and end lives. When our clients are supported by a team, recovery can be a road with fewer potholes. At ETHOS, we are committed to delivering excellent care and being open-minded in our approach in treating each individual.

Pat Brown, LCSW is a primary therapist in our Collegeville location, providing daytime IOP, individual, and family sessions. See Pat’s bio on, contact us at 267-669-0300 to schedule an appointment, and see Pat’s Instagram page @prettyexcellentlife for keys to finding meaningful recovery, strengthening mental health wellness, and building healthy relationships.